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Audience Targeting & Media Planning Software

Making your data more useful for total advertising effectiveness

Data Integration & Visualization

We support access to over 8,000 databases worldwide from leading research data providers, including clients’ own proprietary data. Simplify data with easy-to-use integration and visualization tools.

Audience Targeting & Planning

Our state-of-the-art tools help uncover hidden insights through mining and segregating thousands of variables to find new recommended audiences, faster than ever before.

Data-Driven Media Planning

Optimize overall plan delivery metrics against audience segments across channels with our cloud-based software, predicting the success of different combinations of media.

Making Data More Useful

Telmar's Solutions

Our comprehensive planning and targeting software can help uncover more insights faster and integrates every step of the media planning process.

Cloud-Based Platform

Access your media planning software wherever you are, whenever you need it.

Survey Data Analysis

Intuitive next generation web-based interface for intelligent, quick planning.

Statistical Suite

Analytics made easier with advanced cluster, correspondence & factor analysis tools.

Audience Planning & Targeting

Cross-reference data to find new audiences with tremendous potential.

Data Visualization

See results more clearly with our data visualization system to easily create exportable presentations and reports.

Cross-Media Planning

One-stop shop for cross-media communications planning for each media component.

Outdoor Advertising

The detail you need in multi-market, outdoor media analysis for agencies and media owners.

Expert Support & Training

Telmar experts offer immersive training focused on intelligent, quick planning.


Media Planning

Insights and News

Marcia Swart Joins Telmar as Deputy Managing Director for Africa

Telmar, the pioneer in advertising and media planning software, today announced that Marcia Swart, who has led strategy at several of the world’s largest media agencies, has joined the company as Deputy Managing Director for Africa.

Jenny Jones Joins Telmar North America

Telmar, the pioneer in advertising and media planning software, today announced that Jenny Jones, a longtime Nielsen and RealityMine executive, has joined Telmar North America as VP, Business Development & Client Services for Canada.

3 Ad-Buying Fundamentals That Never Change

In spite of all that's changed, there are 3 ad-buying fundamentals which have stood the test of time & might even be more valuable today.

Advantages of Audience Segmentation

Cross-Channel Advertising Best Practices

Successful cross-channel marketing does not require separate and distinct content planning for each channel.

Media Research in Europe

Europe enjoys a sophisticated broadcast market in terms of data precision and transparency, says Regional Manager Mathieu Floirat.

Telmar Audience Effects

Introducing Telmar Audience Effects Total Audience-Media Planning Software. Telmar Audience Effects is the ad industry’s latest and most advanced combined traditional/digital total audience-media planning software.

Get to Know Audience Effects