Media Planning Tools Tailored to Your Needs

Simplify your media planning with access to extensive and easy-to-use, optimization tools that improve ROI.

How We Can Help


Extensive, Easy-to-Use Data

We support over 8,000 databases worldwide from leading research data providers, as well our clients’ own proprietary data. We support syndicated data integrations and offer our own leading integration system for custom needs.


Strategic Targeting

Our state-of-the-art audience targeting tools help uncover hidden insights in an always evolving media landscape and are supported by one of the best service teams in the industry.


Data-Driven Media Planning

Optimize overall plan delivery metrics against audience segments across markets.

Plan smarter with targeted market, audience reach, frequency, and performance data across media.


Intuitive next generation web-based interface for intelligent, quick planning.

Statistical Suite

Analytics made easier with advanced cluster, correspondence, factor analysis tools.


See results more clearly with our data visualization system to easily create exportable presentations and reports.


Cloud-based system for cross media communications planning for each media component.


Access your media planning software wherever you are, when you need it.


The detail you need in multi-market, outdoor media analysis for agencies and media owners.

TV & Radio Planning Systems

Develop comprehensive plans using all-encompassing media planning SaaS systems.

Expert Support and Training

Telmar experts offer immersive training focused on intelligent, quick planning.

Assess target market, audience reach and frequency, and media performance with tools made for:

“We provide clients with solid tools for understanding their customers and building unique strategies for determining the best audiences across all media platforms using the data they prefer.”

- Corey Panno, President, Telmar Group Inc.

Telmar Insights and News

Media Planning for Africa & Asia-Pacific

Media Planning for Africa and Asia-Pacific: A Telmar Director’s Perspective In some ways, media planning in Africa is the same as the rest of the world. After all, the main…

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Media Planning in the United Kingdom

Media Planning in the United Kingdom: A Telmar Director’s Perspective Increased media fragmentation driven largely by digital   The United Kingdom’s BBC is reputed around the world and UK newspapers…

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Telmar Applies RFT Methodology to USA TouchPoints

For the first time, marketers will be able to calculate reach and frequency against database of how people spend their time on activities and media. Reaffirms time spent as a…

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Media Planning in China

Media Planning in China: A Telmar Director’s Perspective China is the world’s third-largest advertising market, expected to reach more than $70 billion this year. The market offers media planners massive…

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Telmar Audience Effects℠

Introducing Telmar Audience Effects Total Audience-Media Planning Software. Telmar Audience Effects is the ad industry’s latest and most advanced combined traditional/digital total audience-media planning software.