South Africa Media Planning Tools

Simplify your media planning with access to extensive, intuitive data and customized cloud-based optimization tools.

Telmar South Africa Solutions

Telmar’s completely data and media neutral advertising software helps advertisers, agencies and media owners uncover hidden insights in a rapidly evolving industry. Optimize your planning with efficient, intelligent, intuitive media planning software:

  • Explore targeting, reach and frequency results across multiple markets for all audience segments.
  • Visualization and statistical tools help you sort, analyze and trend disparate data sets into actionable insights netting higher ROI.


Supported Strategic Targeting

State-of-the-art targeting tools help uncover hidden insights in a rapidly evolving audiences.


Data-driven Media Planning

Optimize your overall plan by exploring targeting, reach and frequency results across market for all of your audience segments.


Extensive, Easy-to-Use Data

Our visualization and statistical tools help you disparate data sets into actionable insights netting higher.

Let our intuitive software enable your creativity and innovation.

Data Loading Capabilities

Global data loading expertise incorporating 4,000+ data sets.

TV Planning Software

Evaluate South African TV environment with our simpler, faster and easier-to-use channel planning tool.

Expert Training & Support

Telmar experts offer immersive training focused on intelligent, quick planning.


Intuitive next generation web-based interface for intelligent, quick planning.

Mixed Media Analysis

Advanced cluster segmentation, correspondence mapping, factor analysis.


See results more clearly with our data visualization system to easily create exportable presentations and reports.

Statistical Suite

Analytics made easier with advanced cluster segmentation, correspondence mapping and factor analysis tools.

Quantum Out of Home

Plan your outdoor simply and efficiently using this class-leading system’s detailed multi-market analysis.

Telmar has been at the forefront of creating media software for over 40 years. We proudly serve over 10,000 users in 85 countries, and work with many of the world’s leading advertising agencies, publishers, broadcasters and advertisers.

“We provide clients with solid tools for understanding their customers and building unique strategies for determining the best audiences across all media platforms using the data they prefer.”

- Corey Panno, President, Telmar Group Inc.

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Intuitive next generation web-based interface for intelligent, quick planning with fast calculations, predictive coding and instant data trending.