Segmentation Analysis

Benefits of Segmentation Analysis for Audience Targeting

Segmentation analysis is a must for all media professionals. By separating survey data into different groups, media planners can create targeted and specialized messaging for each segment. Audiences can be segmented into different demographics or behaviors which allows for planners to ensure the best messaging type is being deployed across the correct channels and the appropriate time.

Types of Segmentation Analysis:

  • CHAID analysis
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Factor analysis
  • Cluster analysis

Segmentation Tools from Telmar

Telmar offers clients an array of segmentation tools that are flexible and easy to use. Media professionals can segment audiences or markets based on attitudinal or lifestyle questions. Additionally, Telmar now offers clients that ability to use binary data, such as yes or no questions for segmentation. This can be used alone or combined with attitudinal data. The cluster analysis program is also allows for more advanced segmentation with groups formed based on similar behavior. Once the segmentation has been carried out the clusters can be added back to the survey data for further analysis.

Clients can easily analyze survey data from syndicated or proprietary sources with SurveyTime™. It uses drag and drop coding, smart graphics and a well-designed code book allowing users to quickly analyze volumetrics, weightings, value targeting, brand repertoires, comparison reports and strategic targeting. The analysis can then be visualized into easy-to-read charts that are exportable for simple presentations allowing decisions makers to make effective media decisions.

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