Telmar provides strategic targeting and media planning solutions to advertisers, agencies, media companies, and data suppliers. Over 25,000 users across 100 countries use Telmar systems to analyze thousands of consumer and media data sets to assess target markets, audience reach and frequency, and media performance.

media planning resultsData sets can be either syndicated data to which rightful access has been granted by the data supplier, or customers’ own proprietary data. Telmar provides data integration tools which support fix fusion, ascription, and Telmar’s leading real-time data integration technique: MultiBasing™.

Telmar’s platform of systems are cloud based with applications available via desktop browsers and iOS mobile. API web services are available for access to Telmar analytic engines to support customers’ custom needs.




“The Telmar team are great! Their knowledge of the tools, data and media planning world is second to none. Importantly all of this combined with a friendly team who are happy to partner with you and tackle day to day business challenges. What I really like is their persistence to get to get to the answer you need – this is what sets them apart from others.”

– Amanda Wigginton
Group Customer Strategy Director
Time Inc (UK)


“When we decided to change Bureau after so many years, one of my primary concerns was the logistics involved. How disruptive would it be to shift from what we knew to something different whilst still ensuring day-to-day access for a team full of salespeople? I needn’t have worried. Robin, Gary and the team implemented a seamless transition programme that ensured we were fully operational on Telmar by the time our incumbent bureau’s license ended. What could have been a major headache was actually remarkably smooth.”

– Sean Adams
Head of Insight, Commercial
News UK & Ireland


“The transition from IMS to Telmar has been super smooth with excellent training taking place well in advance, and happily not one drama on the day of IMS switch off.”

– Simon Stanforth
Group Research Director
Starcom Mediavest Group


“Telmar is an excellent tool for any data analysis and planning needs. It is not only easy to understand but also flexible enough to add, enhance or change features according to the needs of the markets and the client.

“But what makes Telmar a good tool to have is the support that we get from their extremely helpful staff. GroupM probably would be one of their tough clients, with our complex agency structure and varied requirements of each agency, but they have worked with us on all points effortlessly to fine tune everything and make the process of loading and using the different databases easy and convenient for us. The best part about their staff is their willingness to genuinely understand our issues and provide a reliable and effective solution to each problem. We have been very happy with their quick response and co-operation shown on both day-to-day basis and under special circumstances.”

Group M Knowledge


“We cannot say enough good things about our Telmar services. Thanks to our delightful trainer, Kimberly, even learning the system was a pleasant experience. After our training, we continued to receive great customer service.

Telmar has helped us complete projects in significantly less time than before. The ability to gather and report media metrics on all our markets at once is easy and fast. Being able to gain these same insights on other vendors’ inventory has allowed us to be smarter at planning.

The system is easy to use and the data is reliable. Just as quickly as we can gather the information we need, we can customize it and export anyway we need it. Telmar is a truly great platform that we are so happy to have.”

– Erin Bowling
Market Research Analyst
Lamar Advertising Company


“The various tools I am able to access and analyze in Telmar enable me to deliver the insights needed to do my job effectively and deliver value to my company and its clients. In addition, the team at Telmar is always a great resource in how to get more from the data.”

– Susan Cunningham
VP, Director of Research & Consumer Insights


“Telmar is a fabulous company to work with, they are innovative in their approach and always open to new ideas. Their customer/client service is second to none and I have always found them to be happy to assist, with a friendly approach and above all an efficient service. I always feel that Telmar takes pride in helping us get the most out of their software. Not only a fantastic product but really so much more…”

– Lu Ellis
Research and Systems Director


“Great training and was a nice little booster for my current skills. We went at our own pace and the trainer was happy to stop and explain things in further detail which we all appreciated. The test at the end was very useful in helping to solidify everything we had learnt.”

– Charlotte Hansen
Exterion Media


“As a long term industry user & supporter of Telmar, I’m always impressed with their efficient service levels, quality of software but most of all their passion to continually improve & enhance how we look at different data sources – always working to take our industry currencies to the next level.”

– Craig Harvey
Research Director
IPG Mediabrands, Hong Kong


“Telmar are adept at providing us with effective survey and analytical tools, with strong customer service backup and development ideas.”

– John Krzyzanowski
Commercial Audiences Manager


“Telmar provides essential media planning support for Empower with its ready access to numerous research studies an its intuitive interface. We particularly value the advanced analytics capabilities like Cluster and Correspondence Mapping,  which allow us to investigate data in a more sophisticated way.”

– Julie Pahutski
SVP, Decision Sciences
Empower MediaMarketing


“The Telmar platform seamlessly integrates with a variety of research data that we subscribe to. Having switched to their platform just last year, I can say that they have a very professional on-boarding and training process. Even the most junior members of our team understand how to use the software because of the user-friendly drag and drop platform and intuitive search tools. Its functionality and ease-of-use allows us to quickly and easily pull cross-tab reports and analyze the data. The cross-tab platform combined with their media planning solutions prove to be invaluable tools for gaining insights into our client’s customers and creating effective media plans.”

– Cheryl Tulipana
Associate Media Director
Sullivan Higdon & Sink


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“We provide clients with solid tools for understanding their customers and building unique strategies for determining the best audiences across all media platforms using the data they prefer.”

- Corey Panno, President, Telmar Group Inc.

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