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Telmar's Multibasing™ Case Study

This case study provides examples of Telmar clients that have gained greater insight into audience segments, multi-platform activity, using & fusing existing research to make data-driven decisions. Download this case study now by clicking the link.

Telmar's RFT Time Spent Whitepaper

This whitepaper describes the concept behind Telmar's Time Spent R&F Methodology and the shift in perspective that led to this groundbreaking approach. Download this whitepaper now and explore our methodology.

Causal Analytics for Media Planning

Our paper shows some examples of the results achieved, based on GfK/MRI magazine readership data. Download our whitepaper and

Telmar's Reach & Frequency Q&A eBook

This book contains 450+ of the best R&F and related media planning questions that Telmar's Media Guru has answered. Download now and find the answers to your media planning problems.

Telmar Product Overview

Telmar have easy-to-use media planning tools that allow organizations to targeted advertising campaigns. Download our product overview and find a solution that will help your organization create effective campaigns.

Advertising Media Internet Community (AMIC)

A community dedicated to media and marketing professionals. Advertising media planners, buyers, sellers and researchers come to AMIC to ask the Media Guru their burning questions, comment on hot topics, or skim the best recent articles on media.


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Telmar Audience Effects℠

Introducing Telmar Audience Effects Total Audience-Media Planning Software. Audience Effects is the ad industry’s latest and most advanced combined traditional/digital total audience-media planning software.

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