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Media Research in Europe – A Telmar Perspective

September 30, 2016

European sophistication extends to media research, too. The region enjoys a sophisticated broadcast market in terms of data precision and transparency, according to Regional Manager Mathieu Floirat.

Simultaneously, the Europe region is seeing a digitization of its more classical media as well. There are many new ways to buy and sell advertising space and new optimization techniques to enhance measurement and decision making. For instance, Telmar’s own Adloc helps clients gain planning efficiency with a multi-campaign optimizer which can select, arbitrate and book for revenue maximization under constraints.

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Media Industry Challenges in the European Market

Based in our French office, Mathieu Floirat draws on more than 15 years experience in the region in his role as Regional Manager for Continental Europe. He sees three top challenges confronting the media industry in the region:

  • Managing buying and selling in a very fragmented market
  • Obtaining real audience measures in the Internet world using the robust technics from TV
  • Increase expertise when delivering high level service with fewer people and tighter budgets

The European media industry is a tumultuous one with telecommunications carriers and media companies competing for new revenue opportunities amongst mobile and broadband customers across the EU’s 27 countries.

Even while North American broadcasters are looking to extend their foothold into European markets, the European audience continues to seek movies or television programs produced in their native language.

All of the European countries have one thing in common: TV is the most frequently used platform — PWC

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Advice for Media Planning in the European Market

While Telmar offers extensive high-level media expertise to its clients in the region, Mathieu Floirat still observes clients making a common mistake — adopting old methods for new problems and challenges. With the role and positioning of media agencies always evolving, it’s important to adapt, he says. “Change your approach. Forget about old methods, be creative and try to get more value from your data.” At the light of what is done on the Dutch market, European countries will take benefits in expert community sharing their best practices.

Telmar’s completely data- and media-neutral advertising software helps advertisers, agencies and media owners uncover hidden insights. With efficient, intelligent, intuitive media planning software, clients across the globe can better explore audience targeting and reach and frequency results across multiple markets for all audience segments. Plus, visualization and statistical tools help media researchers to sort, analyze and trend disparate data sets into actionable insights netting higher ROI.

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