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Media Planning for Africa and Asia-Pacific

September 22, 2016

Media Planning for Africa and Asia-Pacific: A Telmar Director’s Perspective

In some ways, media planning in Africa is the same as the rest of the world. After all, the main focus is on trying to analyse and integrate all the available data sets. Yet, there are differentiators in this region too.

“There is a dearth of data in many of the countries we operate in,” says Jennifer Daniel, Regional Director Telmar Africa & APAC. There are not many joint industry committees in the region, she notes. Plus, there are 54 states in Africa with many different languages — in fact, the staff in Telmar’s Africa office together speak 18 different languages. Additionally, there are 55 different countries to address in the Asia-Pacific region.

A large percentage of the population live in Rural areas, which limits the ability to gather data cost effectively. The mobile phone is being used more extensively to collect research in many markets. 

Market Deliverable Difference

There are also differences in market deliverables across countries, said Daniel, who brings over 30 years regional media research experience to Telmar. In South Africa, for instance, media agencies buy TV on a spot by spot level and are held accountable for the delivery of agreed upon goals. In most other markets, TV goals such as CPP and TVR’s are negotiated and agreed to by the agency and media sales house, with the broadcasters held accountable.

Along with the time and resource challenges that face media planners and buyers worldwide, Daniel, the current Executive Director of the Pan African Media Research organization, identifies an additional challenge confronting the region’s media industry: Fragmentation of audiences.

It has become more difficult to achieve media objectives with the growing number of platforms available, many of which are not measured adequately. Many countries do not have census data and have not had any census data for decades, which makes it very difficult to conduct Establishment Surveys.

Increase Efficiency with Training

To be successful in media planning, regardless of the region, it is critical to understand the data and the changing environment, Daniel said. The media planner is increasingly faced with new data to understand and unpack.

Daniel points to one Telmar resource customers should not live without — software training. With the Telmar team’s basic and advanced help, the client can better understand the software’s capabilities and increase their efficiency in media agencies.

What’s one thing Daniel is looking forward to learning more about?

“The new radio data from TNS. The sampling and weighting was different from Nielsen, and this has produced different results.  I have seen some initial figures presented but am looking forward to the official release at the end of August.”

Until then, Telmar encourages you to learn more about its solution offerings in the Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.