Make Sense of the Data

A Data Management Platform That Allows You To Gain Meaningful Insights into Your Audience


Data is imperative for media professionals to be successful.

A successful data management platform helps you find the right audience at the right time. Media professionals need to be able to not only have access to consumers’ survey answers, demographic information, behavior, markets, and more, but they also need to be capable of analyzing this data quickly.

Telmar’s Multibasing Technique for Data Integration

Telmar currently supports over 8,000 databases as a trusted third party software provider for the world’s leading and most advanced research data suppliers.

Client proprietary, industry single source, industry fixed fusion, and Telmar Multibasing™ integrations can be used with our software to gain insight to thousands of consumer and media data sets to analyze and assess target markets, audience reach, frequency, and media performance.

Telmar real-time data integration using MultiBasing™ services enables clients to analyze brands, products, or attitudinal targets against surveys used for media and audience planning across all channels including TV, radio, internet, magazines, newspapers, social media, and mobile.

The fact that media currency surveys don’t report product or brand data shouldn’t inhibit better media planning, and it doesn’t have to be costly.

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“We provide clients with solid tools for understanding their customers and building unique strategies for determining the best audiences across all media platforms using the data they prefer.”

- Corey Panno, President, Telmar Group Inc.