Simplify Media Planning in the Asia-Pacific Region with Customized Tools

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Media Planning Asia-Pacific

Telmar’s completely data and media neutral advertising software helps advertisers, agencies and media owners uncover hidden insights in a rapidly evolving industry. Optimize your planning with efficient, intelligent, intuitive media planning software:

  • Explore targeting, reach and frequency results across any market for all audience segments.
  • Visualization and statistical tools help you integrate disparate data sets into actionable insights netting higher ROI.

Data Integration & Visualization

We support access to over 8,000 databases worldwide from leading research data providers, including clients’ own proprietary data. Simplify data with easy-to-use integration and visualization tools.

Audience Targeting & Planning

Our state-of-the-art tools help uncover hidden insights by mining and segregating thousands of variables to find new recommended audiences, faster than ever before.

Data-Driven Media Planning

Optimize overall plan delivery metrics against audience segments across channels with our cloud-based software, predicting the success of different combinations of media.